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To start you off, the Nike+ Fuelband certainly falls under the topic of “new electronic devices.” This sleek and very futuristic looking product tracks your calories, is water resistant, and can also be paired with your Bluetooth! The Nike+ Fuelband is perfect for those who are fitness focused, want to tone up, and to lose some weight! These new electronic devices are priced anywhere from $149.00 to $185.00.


Another item that falls under the category of “new electronic devices” is the PopRock MiniBoom Portable Bluetooth Speaker. These new electronic devices are available in an array of bright colors, and are easy to use! You too can act just like Charlie from “Charlie’s Angels;” this item allows you to connect your electronic device (such as an iPhone, tablet, etc.) via Bluetooth technology in order to create a portable speaker. Another plus side of this device is that you can even take calls while this in use! These new electronic devices range anywhere from $19.00 to $35.00.


Some other new electronic devices on the market today actually bring back a nostalgic feeling – even for the younger generations of music lovers. There are new electronic devices being sold today that look quite similar to phonographs of the 1920s and 1930s, and they make your iPod, iPhone, or iPad glimmer like new; you have the Acoustic Speaker from ReAcoustic that is made out of metal and wood (priced at $392.00), the Acoustic iPhone Speaker Dock which is also made out of metal and wood, with a more ornate bell (price at $287.00), and The Little Horn Speakers, which come on different shapes and sizes that you can choose to fit your personality (priced at $1500.00)!


If you forget your name, love a very intricate light show like those of Disney World, and have a soft spot for pets, these new electronic devices are for you! Have you heard of a Scrolling LED Name Tag? You did now. Priced at only $29.99, these new electronic devices are customizable and personal. Let us say that you want to greet family for a special holiday meal, or simply want to welcome home a child from college; type your message in on the device, and let the sparkling LED lights do the rest!


The new electronic devices such as the Light Show Fountain Speakers are only priced at $49.99. These speakers can be plugged into your iPod, iPad, or MP3 player, and then the light show will begin right away. Watch closely as the water miraculously moves and bounces to every beat you are listening to.


New electronic devices such as the Karotz – Wifi Interactive Smart Rabbit are priced at around

$129.99. The Karotz Smart Rabbits are highly customizable; each device (or “pet”) can be uploaded with approximately 400 apps (or “applications”), they can make you aware of what is up-to-date on your social media platforms, and can even enter into wedlock with other Smart Rabbits.

It certainly seems like new electronic devices are taking over the world, but by reviewing the aforementioned products, how could you not be excited for the future?

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